Friday, September 12, 2008

Gimme some sugar

Looks like Rick S is making an attempt at kicking the diet coke habit. I tried that earlier this summer. It was a spectacular failure. Well, kind of. I'm not on the steady one 44 oz refill per day program (or on a really bad day a 44 oz + a can or two) that used to be my habit. But I'll have a 44 ouncer once or twice a week and a can about every other day in between.

Seems my problem is that I have some kind of oral fixation and have to be putting something in my mouth at all times. Perhaps it's my obsession with my weight, so nearly every day ends with a calorie deficit, and I'm constantly hungry. I know the best thing would be to just drink water all the time, but after about a half gallon, I get sick of that. If I'm not drinking diet coke, I'll eat something, usually something I shouldn't.

This morning was a particularly bad morning in that regard. When I woke up, I just didn't feel like eating oatmeal and blueberries (thankfully not steel cut oats anymore, just regular old-fashioned oatmeal), so I was looking around at what else to eat. Yesterday, my wife bought a box of Froot Loops for the kids. I couldn't resist. When I'd had a bowl of that, I still felt like I hadn't eaten anything. So I supplemented it with a bowl of grape nuts with yogurt and bananas.

Except it was fruit-flavored yogurt, which has almost as much sugar as the Froot Loops. As if that weren't enough, Rachel was working on a dessert for a dinner party we are doing tonight for one of our Lotoja donors, so I had to sample the warm soft chocolate cake with dulce de leche filling. I will probably have type 2 diabetes by later this afternoon. I wonder which is worst: eating that much sugar; drinking diet coke instead; or smoking cigarettes.

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