Friday, June 4, 2010

The week in photos

Friday filler post: photos and commentary from the last week.

Scott organized a team ride Saturday morning: North side of Suncrest to Alpine Loop and back over south side of Suncrest. A good warmup for the mountain bike race Monday.

What does fast look like? Here’s Pete at the top of the Alpine Loop Saturday. He won the Expert 30-39 race, the fastest category not called “Pro,” on Monday.

Doug and Nate.

Jonnie J.

The Junkie family spent Sunday afternoon hiking in Corner Canyon. Lots of flowers, none of which I can identify without Watcher’s help, were in bloom.

I don’t know what lives in this nest but the neighbors undoubtedly are publicly outraged at its size but privately envious.

It won’t stay this green for long.

This cactus grows high in the rocks above Ghost Falls. Seems really out of place for a riparian area and makes me wonder how it got there. I’ve not seen any other cacti like this in Corner Canyon.

The Junkie children.

Here’s the victor, resplendent in team kit at the top of the Alpine Loop yesterday. Rick’s rule: if you’re in full team kit, it better be a race. Duh.

Elden and Adam. Elden is leaning on his bike because he lacks the strength to stand. But then again, perhaps he has the strength after all.


Aaron, Nick, and Elden. See? I told you he was bluffing.


  1. Your flowers demystified, in order of appearance:

    1- Singlestem Groundsel, also called Lambstongue Ragwort, Senecio integerremus. Cool factoid: the leaves are hairy now, but will become smooth over the next month+.
    2- Ballhead Waterleaf, Hydrophyllum capitatum. Factoid: Leaves, roots are edible.
    3- Creeping Oregon Grape, Mahonia repens. Factoid: Not really a grape, but you can make jam from the berries.
    4- Hounds Tongue (?) Cynoglossum officianale. Factoid: It’s an exotic, a weed from Eurasia.
    5- Phlox, probably Carpet Phlox, Phlox hoodii. Can’t tell for sure, but I think the little blue guy hiding under them may be a Larkspur, maybe Delphinium nutalli. Factoid: Larkspurs are toxic to livestock, especially early in the season.
    6- Bluebell Mertensia brevistyla(?) (I have problems with Forget-me-not-ish flowers…)
    7- ???
    8- Oregon Grape again
    9- Star-Flowered False Solomon’s Seal, Maianthemum stellatum. I love this one. Check out the cool zig-zaggy stems.

    Your nest was originally built by Magpies, but they get re-used by all sorts of things… (I feel like I should get a prize or something for this. You should get some stickers made...)

  2. I don't have a cool logo to put on stickers, but what about pie?

  3. Yeah sure, a sticker with a pie on it would be cool. Oh wait, you mean actual pie- that's even cooler!

  4. Thanks, Watcher! You're amazing. I loved almost the flowers, but I found the star-flowered false solomon's seal especially beautiful. Such a dainty flower at the top of a big leafy plant.

  5. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

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