Friday, April 11, 2008

New Toys!

April is my birthday month. As my wife will tell you, though, I am very hard to shop for. Hard enough that my wish lists usually include make, model, size, color, and sometimes SKU. Nearly every spring I get the shopping bug, as there are all kinds of deals on ski gear, and I usually want some new bike stuff as well. Typically what I do is buy something, bring it home, and then tell my wife "thank you for the birthday present" that is from her and the kids but that I picked out and paid for myself.

This year is no exception, as this morning on steepandcheap, they had alpine touring boots at ridiculous prices. Like 67% off ridiculous. And not just any AT boots, but Scarpa Spirit 3's. They're dynafit compatible and lasted to fit my wide, high-arched feet. I bought two pair. I don't actually plan to keep both pair, but I wasn't sure on sizing, so I figured I'd get one of each to be safe. I can't wait. Going to have to do a spring tour next week just to check them out.

I have another quasi-new toy that I'll talk more about a little later. It's a single speed mountain bike, and it only cost me $70. Well, that's not entirely accurate, but I'll fill you in after I have a picture to post.

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