Friday, April 18, 2008

Storage wax

Earlier this week I put storage wax on my beloved Legend Pros. I was a bit sad to know I would not be back out on these boards for another eight months or so, but that doesn't mean it's the end of ski season just yet. With the near-record snowpack in the mountains, there should be ample opportunities for spring skiing. Hence, my touring gear did not get the storage wax treatment, and I should get a few days in on my new boots.

My son's skis also avoided summer relegation, as he and I will be traveling to Utah next week and plan on getting in a half day skiing at Snowbird. With any luck, it will be T-shirt weather. If it were just me at the bird, the Dynastars would be the ride of choice, but when skiing with kids, touring gear is great because I can put the boots in walk mode and stand upright.

I quite like Dynastar Lange products for downhill skiing, which is why I was a bit embarrassed to see Ferrari co-branded Dynastar skis and Lange boots. Do people really think slapping a Ferrari logo on something besides an actual Ferrari makes it more desirable? I'd think both brands would worry about diluting their brand value with such a move, but apparently Ferrari are whoring themselves out to more than just the ski market. Maybe it's just me, but Dynastars and Colnagos tend to be at the upper end of the price spectrum in their respective markets, so if I'm going to drop the coin to buy either one, I sure don't want to come home with something that looks like a collabo gone bad.