Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am not a streaker

If you’re a runner, you know what streaking is. And perhaps unfortunately, I’m not talking about running across the football field naked in the middle of the game.

Streakers are people who run every day. Who have to run every day, even for just a little bit. Back when I was a runner, I read in Runners World about some streaks that were 30 or more years long.

I feel no such compulsion. For starters, I don’t even ride my bike year round. In the colder months, skiing every day is logistically impossible, even if I wish it weren’t.

But once the weather turns, and I’m on the bike again, I’m usually on it five days a week and often six. I take Sundays off, but that’s about it.

When I’m trying to lose weight (which is typically pretty much all season), I’m somewhat more committed, as a missed workout means I’m also one step back if not two from hitting my goal.

So imagine my disappointment when this email arrived:

No racey racey tonight at RMR 4/14!
Dont forget Salt Air TT starts this Thursday... 4/16  First rider off at 6pm!

I knew it was coming. It had been raining all morning. And the last thing anyone wants is a bunch of skittish Cat. 5s hauling around a rain-soaked, oil-slick race track with less than two square inches of rubber holding them to the slippery surface.

But I was still disappointed. And maybe panicked a bit trying to figure out how to get some exercise. I will be haunted by the stationary bike in my basement until I step on the scale tomorrow morning.


  1. I was looking forward to the crit as well. Oh well maybe next week.

  2. I stared at my bike in my living room on and off all day. It's acting as a revolution jacket coat hanger until the rain goes away.