Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good thing I wasn’t there

I was supposed to go skiing this morning, but on my way down the hill, they hadn’t plowed yet, and things were a bit slick. I never made it to the trailhead. This is the scene from the road where I waited for the tow truck.

From what I hear, the skiing was great. At least for the first lap. There was a good-sized crew out, so my lack of attendance didn’t leave any partners high and dry. Mike sent me these pictures of Tanner and Jon S. getting the goods. Would have loved to be there for a cold smoke day like this instead of waiting for a tow truck.

On lap two, things started falling apart. Jon center-punched an untracked slope, and triggered a slide about 40 feet wide. It wasn’t huge, but it was enough to catch and carry him into some trees.

Fortunately, he wasn’t buried. Unfortunately, he hit the trees hard enough to fracture his left tibia. They were 2,000 vertical feet from the road, and he was starting to go into shock.

Mike and tanner used some webbing and cord to strap Jon to his snowboard and drag him the rest of the way down the mountain. From there, they loaded him into the car and drove him to Alta View hospital. The prognosis is good, but his timing was bad—he was supposed to leave this afternoon to spend spring break in Moab. He’s looking at six weeks with a cast before he can start therapy, so cycling season will be off to a slow start as well.

Jon and I both should have known to just stay in bed today. Bad stuff always seems to not really happen on April 1st.


  1. I like it! hahahaha! Wish I had the energy to do a 2nd lap. I was worked. Thanks for settin the track!

  2. Boy, I'm sure glad Tanner didn't get me up this morning to join you guys.

  3. Leg's healing up nicely. So nice I'm going to go ride some slick rock. Gotta love Utah. Light fluffy pow in the morning and red rock trail in the afternoon.

  4. You had me. Big eyes, hook, line, etc. Especially since my gang and I had planned a run up your Suncrest mountain this morning (which turned out to be a bust due to the impaling blizzard.) Conditions were perfect for that story of yours.

  5. At first I was confused. "But, you WERE there".

    Did you guys lap the lower half? Aaron, Ben, Mike, and I climbed back up to the top, hit the center chute. 'Twas really fun. Big sluffs followed us down, was like riding a wave. And then Ben hit a cliff and got some big air. Love watching him ski.

    Another storm coming. Monday DP?