Thursday, December 30, 2010

Help a brother out

For all the things I love about living in Draper, today isn't the happiest day of my residency. For starters, I need to go get some new shear pins for the auger on my snowblower. Which reminds me that the first one I broke was because I sucked the steel cap over my water main into my snowblower because the city had (has) failed to bolt it down. I thought I was going to die and my snowblower was going to be destroyed.

But the thing that really has my goat is that it's my responsibility to keep the road clear between the edge of where the road is plowed and my mailbox. Which wouldn't be so bad except the guy in the giant snowthrower that they bring in for occasions like today's snowmageddon when just pushing the snow around isn't going to cut it has been down my street three times now, the last time just driving through without even running the auger. This is as close as he got to my mailbox.

Could you maybe give me something more to work with?


  1. I can feel your pain there. I can't imagine the noise your snowblower made when you ran over the water cap.

  2. I followed the snowthrower driver down to the fire station and very politely asked him if he'd mind coming back and finishing the job. He said "Oh, I'm not done yet. I just came back to get fuel." That was three hours ago. Still no sign of him.

  3. I hope he doesn't know which house is yours or he may direct the blown snow at your front door.

    It's been bad enough in valley, can't imagine the mess it is up there.

  4. bunch of tax and spend liberal hippie draper millionaires, living on a hill made of sand.

    get off of my lawn!!!!

  5. A few definitions:

    Millionaire: someone whose net worth is >=$1,000,000

    New York Millionaire: someone whose annual income is >=$1,000,000

    Draper Millionaire: someone whose total liabilities are >=$1,000,000

    Bob, most of the tax and spend liberal hippies are not millionaires, regardless of how you define the term.

  6. "Draper Millionaire"- love it! Is that an SBJ original?

  7. Watcher, it is indeed. You read it here first.

  8. "...and castles made of sand, melt into the sea, eventually"

    I'm just pissed that my neighbor, whose 30 ft of sidewalk I shoveled yesterday, didn't take care of mine with his snowblower today. Seriously, we gave him fruit and coffee for Xmas.

    Yeah baby, life in the hood.

  9. Bob, Suncrest is built on Tertiary volcanic bedrock, Paleozoic carbonate bedrock, or if you are one of the ones up sh!t crik, landslides, but not sand. :-) I'll let that slide 'cause I can feel your pain on the clueless neighbor. At least you got an upper body workout.

    SBJ - water cap in the snowblower? Ouch!