Friday, December 3, 2010

Only a flesh wound

If you live in SLC, go check out the Elliott’s Angels’ Holiday Boutique fundraiser for cystic fibrosis at 2066 Hubbard. It will be running today until 6:00 and tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00. Lots of cool stuff for a great cause, including some delectable comestibles from my lovely wife. I stopped by earlier and saw only women in attendance, but seriously, guys, head over there if you’re looking for stocking stuffers for the women on your list.

This Dawn Patrol movie is generating a lot of buzz. So much that the producers have seen fit to make a second trailer for it. Check it out.

I got out again this morning, but conditions weren’t quite so good. On the descent I hit a buried stump and thought I had broken my ankle. It hurt. Substantially. The week before cxnats, no less. I thought my trip was over. I managed to ski out, but turning left was a problem since I couldn’t weight my right ski. My apologies to any groups that came after us for the 181cm wide sideslip down the lower 1/3 of Scotties.

After some ice and vitamin I, it seems OK. Just another sprain. How you can sprain an ankle with a ski boot on, I have no idea, but I managed to do it. Still not the best way to start the day. Then Rachel hit a piece of debris on the freeway and smashed her bumper and flatted a tire. Oh well. We’ve had worse.


  1. Oh man, my condolences. Is the ankle still on the mend. Perhaps you could learn to crochet er something. It helps with the injury-induced anxiety. You could knit and watch football! Fun!

  2. Left out an important question mark (dang phone, glad I have the phone to blame it on) so I feel the need to phrase the question properly: Is the ankle still on the mend?

  3. Rabid: Ankle is on the mend, thanks for asking. I've sprained that ankle no less than 17 times, so it's held together with scar tissue and magic. Which means it's hard to make it much worse than it is in a "healthy" state. It was mostly OK Saturday except for the part where I had to run across the river rock. Then I crashed on the last lap and banged up my knee. As of this morning, the knee hurt worse, but I think both will be fine in a couple days.

    I should take up knitting. I hear it's hard to get injured knitting.

  4. Actually knitting is dangerous business. Those needles are sharp. You could lose an eye, impale a passerby, or worse--sit on one.