Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The trashiest, most awesome thing I have ever done

Friday night I took JunkieBoy to the monster truck show at the Maverik Center. Admission cost about the same as going to the movies (though we did have to pay for parking). Concessions were about the same as going to the movies. Entertainment value was head and shoulders above going to the movies, especially movies that are age-appropriate for JunkieBoy.

Of course there were lulls in the action. Thankfully those were filled by people watching that was the best I’ve experienced since the Rush concert. A representative sample was the woman with a topless mermaid tattooed on her upper arm. The mermaid may have been her own likeness. Awesome.

We brought our own earplugs, because Dug warned us it would be loud. They sold earplugs and aspirin (spelled asprin) at the concession stands for those who forgot.

The monster trucks did three competitions: wheelies; drag race over crushed cars; and freestyle. Between each round some locals drove old Chevys and Fords through a mud bog. Bigfoot won all three rounds. Here’s a clip of the freestyle performance.


  1. I think I see a Pugsley in your future.

  2. Looks fun. I'll have to take my son next time, although he would probably just stare at the topless mermaid (or whatever variety was in the vicinity) the whole time.

    On a side note, it always pisses me off when I go to something at the E-Center and they charge you for parking at the E-Center. You would think that would be included in the ticket price.

  3. JZ: yeah, I was a little bent about the parking fee, too. Especially since there was no warning that it was going to cost ten bucks, and there was no way to get out or turn around once you were in that lane. At Energy Solutions, I can usually find a place to park on the street if I'm willing to walk a bit (which typically I am), but I haven't figured out if and where that's an option at Maverik Center.

  4. The last concert I went to at the E-Center (I guess Maverick Center now) I parked across the road at the movie theaters. I was a little nervous about getting towed, but nothing happened. Another concert, I arrived late and the parking people were gone, so I parked for free.

  5. The movie theater was encouraging people to park there on Friday. I think they've gotten wise and are charging their own fee, which I assume (hope) is less.

  6. If you think that is trashy, try a local demolition derby. One of my lifelong goals is to attend the demolition derby of every county in Utah that holds one. I've done 4 so far.

    During the Slayer concert, I parked behind the IHOP for free with no consequences.

    Oh, and I was at that Rush concert with the South Park intro.

    So I go to demo derbies, slayer concerts, rush concerts, and park illegally to avoid paying. I'm pretty sure I'm a redneck.

  7. Aaron: you can take the boy out of West Valley, but you can't take West Valley out of the boy.

  8. I that is the trashiest thing you have ever done....

    My life has been like multiple episodes of 'My Name is Earl".....

  9. I think those things are a rite of passage. No father should get off the hook without having to take his son to at least one of them. Unfortunately, monster truck events seem to be a big part of the culture here in the Ozarks.

    But yeah...they're kinda fun. The first time.