Monday, January 31, 2011

A weighty decision

Long-time readers know that my motto is “if you can’t be fast, you should at least look good™.” Which is why even though it’s the dead of winter, right now is the most wonderful time of the year to be a cyclist.

Why? Because right now is when clubs are placing their orders for team kits. And once again we get to imagine how each bit of form-fitting lycra will look stretched around our bronzed and shaven thighs (which, incidentally, should provide whatever motivation is needed to lose that winter weight and get out the garden shears for some manscaping).

My brother Steve and I have been exchanging text messages to coordinate our kit purchases. Since we’re not twins and therefore never wore matching outfits* as children, we never grew tired of it.

*Which is not to say we never wore the same outfits. We did. But since I’m older, he wore them after I outgrew them. Just never shoes. I never outgrew shoes as a kid—they always wore out first.

We’re both ordering skinsuits because skinsuits are dead sexy. I am contemplating shoe covers as well. As Steve put it, “dude, you show up to a crit in a skinsuit and shoe covers, and everyone will know you came to kick ass.”

I responded “I’ve seen that look before, just never on the winner.”

He validly countered, “but they looked good, right?”

The only problem is that looking good isn’t just about what you wear, it’s also about what you do. And if you wear shoe covers in a crit, you can’t reach down and tighten your shoes before the last lap. A weighty decision, indeed.


  1. Skinsuit for crit, yes. Shoe covers, no. Just my 2 cents. Ice skaters wear shoe covers. TT only.

  2. if any of us ordered kits solely based off of how we look in them we would all be wearing free ride jerseys and shorts.

  3. JZ: Never considered the connection with ice skaters until you pointed it out. In a nod to their unabashed flamboyancy, I think I will skip the shoe covers and get a feather boa in team colors instead.

    Bob: thanks for recognizing the fundamental truth in this post.

  4. The wifey calls me "Big Love" when I don the team kit. Not sure if that is good. I suspect not.