Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ski photo dump

I’ve got lots of ski photos from the last couple weeks that I haven’t had time to post for whatever reason. The outings were as follows:

  • An absolutely splendid family ski day at Park City Mountain Resort with the Rabid family. About as much fun as I’ve had on skis ever. Mostly because JunkieBoy was chasing the Rabid Yahoos down the mountain all day, and I think his skiing improved 100% in one day. I have never seen him ski like that, and it was great fun to watch. PCMR just vaulted to the top of my list for favorite places to ski with the family. Terrain is perfect for kids without being boring for adults spoiled by the backcountry.
  • An absolutely frigid day skiing Holy Toledo and Pole Line Pass with Dug, Alex, Steve W., Nate, and Mike L. In addition to Dug getting frostbite on his nose, the last push to the top of Pole Line was unskinnable, so we had to boot. Oh, and the snow was boilerplate intermittently punctuated by pools of graupel. Somehow it was still fun.
  • An absolutely amazing day this morning skiing Short Swing with Mike H., Daren, and Kendall. The forecast didn’t call for much snow, and the winds were howling all night, so my expectations were low. Turned out to be a bluebird day with boot top-deep cold smoke. Of course we went back for seconds.


Yahoo #1

Yahoo #2



Spouse of Rabid

Mike L. on Holy Toledo

Dug and Steve W.

Kendall prepares to drop into Short Swing.


Kendall took the camera while I kicked up some cold smoke.


  1. You should have skied LCC this am. We were thinking of hitting Short Swing but when the DP report said LCC got twice the snow of BCC we changed our plans to Scotties. Best turns of the season.

  2. How do you do? Rabid Yahoo #1 talking here! I like the pictures you posted. Daddy get big air! (Luckily, he didn't break anyting).