Monday, February 28, 2011

Rick's project

Rick told me that he was going to make me his project, that he was going to reconvert me. I'm inclined to let him because his intent is to reconvert me to mountain biking. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that the number of times I rode my mountain bike last year was probably about a dozen.

Not so long ago, I didn't even own a road bike. Until last year, I didn't own a cross bike. Last year I think I raced my cross bike as many times as I rode my mountain bike. Clearly the mountain bike needs more attention.

To remedy the situation, I have taken drastic measures: I have quit my job* so I can spend my days in Utah County where MTB lunch rides are a way of life.

*Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy, so I had to get another one, it just happens to be in Utah County, not too far from the lunch ride epicenter.

Forecast for tomorrow is 46 and sunny. See you at noon?


  1. There is one rule before you can join the lunch ride scene in the UC. 1) we make you eat a massive bowl of goat cheese pasta and milk and then race to the top of the jeep road and watch the fireworks.

    Welcome. Bring your road bike tomorrow. I'll be riding at lunch.

  2. Just say no to road! If I can stay true, yes, dirt is true, in Chicago you can re-convert in Utah. You'll be like the prodigal son, who doesn't want to be the prodigal son?

  3. "Bring your road bike tomorrow."

    Wait. What?

  4. doh! i was looking forward to lunch rides from the downtown epicenter. damn you UC county lunch monkeys. that group is getting too freakin big and fast. you all are like google.

    where's the new gig?

  5. Repent and return to the true path of single-track.

  6. You have made a wise choice my friend. All hail mountain biking.