Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good intentions

We got another spring storm, which meant ski season got extended. After one lap, Dug, Steve, Rick, and Rob decided to be responsible and head to work. The rest of us went for another lap, which made sense because the canyon was closed for avalanche control and wasn't supposed to open until 8:30.

After enjoying another round of high-speed turns through knee-deep powder, we returned to the parking lot to find that Dug, Steve, Rick, and Rob were still there.

And an hour later, so were we. Due to some problems with the heavy artillery used to knock down avalanches, the road opening was delayed. Small price to pay to avoid having a debris pile the size of house come down on top of you. Wonder if Dug, Steve, Rick, and Rob will get credit for their good intentions in their performance reviews this year.


  1. It was nice getting first tracks down the mid to lower slopes without having to throw any elbows. That was a big group today.

  2. Rick: It was nice that you went ahead, because by the time we came down, the wind had filled in your tracks.

  3. Lap 3 was as good as the first. All the tracks had filled in again. We hiked until we say your cars moving and got in another 1,200 vert. Did you get credit at work for the 10 minutes you gained by sitting in the car rather than ski again? Just saying.

  4. Pretty sweet to be skiing this time of year.