Friday, August 12, 2011

An update

Busy week between work, chasing down insurance companies*, working on some professional development, family, and trying to follow a bit of the Tour of Utah, but given that many of the people asking about Steve are people that read this blog, taking a few minutes for a post now may save a few minutes more down the road.

*Remember in The Incredibles how Mr. Incredible, before he returned to super hero life, got fired from his day job for actually paying out insurance claims? Well I have been dealing with a real-life person who would probably be the ideal employee at Mr. Incredible's fictional company. I don't think she realizes that the more resistance she puts up to making a claim, the more committed I become to ensuring that they pay the claims. Even if it turns out that her company is only on the hook for $1.00, I'll see that it's paid.

Steve went home from the hospital on Monday. He's still in pain and needs a lot of rest, but he's improving day by day. Not sure when he'll get back to work, and even though he's shaved his legs, I suspect he'll be a while getting back on the bike. Which is good, because I still need to get his bike put back together so he has something to ride.