Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A new chapter

It seems that my excitement for blogging about skiing and riding bicycles has waned. Much of that is because I haven't been racing consistently for quite some time, and the skiing the last couple winters has paled in comparison to the skiing in previous years, both due to snow quality as well as time available to ski.

Since this blog has always been a place for me to record what's interesting to me, with the assumption that somewhat of a readership will develop because said interests are also somehow interesting to others, I'm going to add a couple of topics heretofore not covered.

The first topic is beer, specifically homebrewing. I started brewing just under a year ago and may occasionally comment on my successes and failures. I actually had a beer blog once, but it was anonymous, and I never mentioned it here.* But that project may provide some interesting background as to how I got started homebrewing in the first place. If you're going to go back and read, I recommend starting in January 2010 and reading in chronological order.

*I've since been pretty forthright about my departure from mormonism, but at the time it was new, and I wasn't yet entirely comfortable with how others may react. 

The second topic is motorcycles. I've toyed with the idea of a motorcycle for a few years, but I didn't grow up riding and never felt confident enough to go out and buy something to try and figure it out as I went. So Rachel and I took a rider education course together. We absolutely loved it. So we bought a motorcycle, which Rachel thought needed a name.

Meet Stella:

You will probably hear more about Stella in the future.


  1. Nice! When can I meet Stella? And where is that dirt road? I really haven't ridden my Husky anywhere except the dirt field in our neighborhood and need to get after it!

  2. Great! Looking forward to your new posts, whether it be riding, skiing, beer (can't go wrong there!) or motos (I can't tell from the pic plus I am ignorant in the world of motos, is Stella for off-road?)

  3. Stella is a KLR 650 dual sport. She is probably going to have a little sister before too long as well.

  4. Some day I'd to come by and see your brewing system. As an enginerd I'd find the process and equipment interesting.

    Nice looking bike. That's a lot of horses, why didn't you go with less? I rode motos as a teenager so got a lot of it out of my system then. Enjoy the ride.

  5. Kris, I think you would dig my brewing system, especially since I have built a lot of it myself rather than buying off-the-shelf.

    The KLR really isn't that powerful of a bike. Kind of big, kind of heavy, but underpowered comparatively. I chose it for its adventure touring capability. You can ride it pretty much anywhere.

  6. Hello Stella! That's the bike Drew wants, except he doesn't really know how to ride. I am content for now with my new 170cc automatic scooter.

  7. Lucy, Rachel and I took a class here: http://www.utahridered.com/

    Highly recommended. They start from ground zero, and when you are done, you have passed the skills portion of your Moto endorsement. With Drew's experience riding bicycles, he'll have no problem figuring it all out.

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