Monday, November 3, 2008

Cycling vogue

In case you hadn't noticed, Lance Armstrong has come out of retirement. Turns out, he's apparently also looking to none other than Dug for fashion tips. Observe Lance's socks:

A style Dug was wearing no less than six months ago at RAWROD.

And since I gave Dug the Smartwool ski socks he wore at RAWROD and other events thereafter, well before Lance Armstrong ever thought to wear socks that came up to his knees, you can kinda say that (for the first and only time in my life), I'm on the cutting edge of fashion. My sister would be so proud.

For RAWROD 2009, we'll bring a runway and spend Friday night modeling what are sure to be the summer's hottest cycling trends. Long socks are hot, after all, but imagine how much more hot they would be with blue steel.


  1. that is a good look. a VERY good look.

  2. Will Lance be sporting a handlebar basket in the near future as well?