Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Which kind of show off is it?

As UTRider mentioned, we got out for a lunch, er scratch that, near end of the day ride on the rigid singles today. At least it was near the end of the work day, but we ended up going out for dinner and the new Bond movie after work, which is why it's now midnight, and I haven't gone to bed yet.

Anyway, while riding the wall, shortly after we passed some dude on a geared bike, we also passed a girl (woman, lady, chica, what's the correct vernacular here when you're a married guy and she was younger than you?) who was stopped at the side of the trail, presumably waiting for said dude, but perhaps just resting her dog, since she and geared bike dude didn't ride together after that.

When we got to the top of Bobsled, Mark N. didn't hesitate to drop right in. He saw a couple guys on big bikes sitting at the top, and he wanted them to see we were riding Bobsled on rigid bikes. I paused to give Mark some space, and as I did, the female bicyclist that we passed earlier rolled by and on up the hill just past Bobsled.

She made some show of getting out of the saddle and powering up the climb. Like enough of a show that it was obvious she was asserting herself as a capable cyclist with some implication or another.

Which made me wonder, what kind of show off was it?

A) You passed me earlier because I had to stop and let my dog rest, but under normal circumstances you shouldn't be able to catch me.

B) Look how tough I am motoring up this climb while you're already headed down the hill.


C) Look how tough I am motoring up this climb--don't you want to ask me out?

There's no way to tell that I'm married out on the bike. Which means that if it was in fact "C", her rationale may have been "I'm so far out of his league, I may as well rub it in."


  1. Wait a second...I thought the answer in all situations was always a variation of C; e.g. "Look how xyx...don't you want to ask me out?"