Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Blog tags are meh, but I love my sister, so here goes.

8 Shows that I watch:
  1. The Office
  2. English Premier League Review Show
  3. LOST
8 Things that happened yesterday:
  1. I went skiing
  2. I went to work
  3. I haggled over a house
  4. My son was sick and 350 miles away
  5. My wife was sick and 350 miles away
  6. I ate a piece of Costco chocolate cake for the third day in a row
  7. I put gas in my car
  8. I decided to put this blog post off for a day, because I had even less to write about yesterday
8 Favorite places to eat
  1. Rachel's kitchen
  2. Frontera grill
  3. Moab Diner
  4. The Paris Bistro
  5. Highland Hollow
  6. Zingerman's
  7. Watson Shelter
  8. Top Wok
8 Things I am looking forward to
  1. Moving
  2. Economy improving
  3. Seeing my family this weekend
  4. Ski season
  5. The next snowstorm (which I think is happening,
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. My next diet coke
  8. Trying out some Megawatts
8 Things on my wish list
  1. Susan to get better
  2. Being with my family seven days a week
  3. My kids to be happy
  4. My kids to be healthy
  5. New touring skis
  6. Reiterate wishes 1-4...
  7. ...
  8. ...
I tag....nobody. I actually kind of like the feeling of stopping a chain letter cold in its tracks.


  1. Thanks for being s GOOd sport, bro!

    I love you too. : )

  2. Nice tag. I hope your wife and kids start feeling better soon AND you get everything lined up to get them down here soon.