Friday, May 29, 2009

The best wife in the world

I realize that a lot of you are happily married. I’m glad for that. But this is my blog, so I get to say nice things about my wife. It’s probably best for all of us that I don’t say nice things about yours.

I would likely not be so happily married had I married probably anyone else in the world. Because my wife is quite frankly the most patient, tolerant, supportive, forgiving, and kind person you will ever meet.

Many wives barely tolerate their husbands’ hobbies, and the discussions around time and money spent on them are akin to nuclear negotiations with North Korea. Rachel seems to embrace mine.

Last week when I was riding Alpine Loop and Rick noticed my frame wobble, he sent an email to Rachel to tell her about it. Of course I was complicit by providing her email address. I thought Rick was just planting a seed, but turns out he closed the deal.

She didn’t want to let me ride that bike down the hill this morning, and last night when we were talking over the options for new frames, her only suggestion was to make sure and get the one I really want, so I’m never wishing I had something else.

This morning I asked her how she felt about me racing the Sundance ICUP race on Saturday, which will be my fifth race in eleven days. Her response was “it sounds fun—I think you should.”

Sometimes I’m left scratching my head and wondering why on earth she puts up with me. But she doesn’t just put up with me, she seems to take genuine pleasure in doing whatever she can to be nice to me. My brother asked me what it’s like having a personal assistant. It’s pretty amazing, actually. Or rather, she’s pretty amazing.


  1. I'm sure that you can understand if I can't agree with your assessment that you have the best wife in the world. However, I will say that she's pretty awesome (wait, let me clarify) to 1. Put up with the likes of you :) and 2. Be so supportive and do so many awesome things for you. Lets not even mention the awesome cooking. But as you said, this is your blog.

    She probably deserves a raise.

  2. Glad to hear you're racing....I told Ken C that he better eat his Wheaties saturday morning.

  3. To heck with the racing stuff. Did you see what she cooks. Man you should look like me from eating all that delicious looking food. You need to race 5 times in 11 days or you will look like me.

  4. how do you know she doesn't "like" it when you gone. Never seen a woman who "really" likes her husband, "love" to have him gone "that" much. I'm just saying.

  5. Anonymous - You're completely wrong. My guess is you're not in a happy relationship, though, so I'll leave you alone.