Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know just the idiot

The other day, Pat called me to ask if I was racing the crit at RMR. For the first time in several weeks, the answer was no.

“Oh,” he said, “I won’t be there either, but I have a friend who’s going who wanted to go on a break and was looking for someone to go with him.”

Apparently I’ve developed a reputation. And as much as I’d like that reputation to be as the Jens Voigt of the Cat. 5 peleton, I’m probably more like the Thomas Voeckler, who goes just as often as St. Jens, but never lasts nearly as long. Except for that one burst in the 2004 Tour, but that part hasn’t happened to me yet.

I’m planning on racing the UVU crit tonight. I told myself I’d just stay in the pack and save it for the end. But if a break goes in front of me, I know what my response will be. And if I go with the break, I’ll certainly end up on the front. And probably spit out the back as a result.

Perhaps someday I’ll learn. But if it ever actually works, probably not.