Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sour grapes

Todd Wells, a guy who has never raced Leadville, is shooting off his mouth about how sick he is of hearing about it.

I'm so tired of hearing all this banter about the marathon race in Colorado this weekend that none of the top guys even did. A guy who retired 10 years ago has won it for the past however many years. Not to take anything away from Wiens, he was a great rider when he was competing in the early 90s, too bad he didn't get to win his local race again this year.

None of the top guys? Wiens, Alex Grant, Tinker, Travis Brown, Matt Shriver, Max Taam aren’t top guys? Really? Guess what, Todd, I’d have had no idea you even won the Short Track XC series title if you hadn’t included it in this blog post that so many people are making fun of. In fact, I don’t even know what Short Track XC national title entails, and I don’t give enough of a rip to find out.

If you’re sick of Leadville getting all the press, or someone other than a “top guy” winning it, then sack up and do the race or shut your pie hole. But don’t assume that people who weren’t doing the race you got a sweet sixth place finish in aren’t top guys. The boys on the other side of the pond would look askance at your “title” and your assertion that you’re a top guy anyway.


  1. I think he is mad that I stole his GT gig this year, seriously, he is likely upset that the US Cup races went off with little or no fan fare, besides the Lance factor, leadville had 1500+ racers, I'm thinking Wyndham Mountain USCup didn't, just a thought.

    BTW, i can't find your name in the results, hmmmmmm...........:)

  2. If you can't find my name in the results, you should probably email to make sure you're spelling it correctly.

  3. I also could not find your name in there?

    I love the statement from Wells. I've been critical of Leadville, well mostly the lottery system, but I LOVE how many people do that race. I love how emotional the racers are at the end, and I love the huge field and the hype surrounding it.

    I'd love to see Wells put his money where is mouth is and take on that "rider who retired 10 years ago".

  4. maybe i'm making this up, but didn't armstrong win the colorado championship mtb race couple weeks ago?

    hm. maybe the top guys WERE there.

  5. My pie hole is full or I'd say something.

  6. My favorite comment is where people say they don't want to race Leadville becuase they would rather ride single track instead of dirt roads. Why not just say you didn't get in or can't take the elevation.

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