Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brand preference

I drink a lot of diet coke. I don’t drink diet pepsi. Except in emergencies, which are rare. Because as much as I like diet coke, with the exception of halfway through church when I can’t have it, I rarely need diet coke.

I’m pretty sure, however, that I won’t even drink diet pepsi in emergencies anymore. Because the thought of drinking the remains of a frog really grosses me out. It’s sort of like in Strange Brew when they try to get free beer by claiming a mouse was in the beer bottle.

Of course the buyers of this diet pepsi can are trying to recover damages. Because apparently pepsi has caused them negative publicity. And irrevocably damaged the DeNegri family brand (which last I heard was valued in the trillions).

The problem here is that I doubt the DeNegris and their brand are worth as much as Pepsico. So if this turns out anything like the chili incident, and pepsi wants to sue the DeNegris for damage to an actual brand with actual value, they’re not going to be able to recover anything near what they’ve lost.

Apparently pepsi isn’t the only diet soda maker putting foreign objects in their cans, as a Pennsylvania family recently found a bag of marijuana—but no diet soda—in their diet soda can. Unlike the frog family, though, the pot family hasn’t threatened action against the bottler. I wonder why.


  1. I do not know why but my favorite line from the whole movie is "It's a Jelly"

  2. Hmm. They are concerned abut negative publicity, but go on ahead and do an interview with a major news outlet?

    I always thought Diet Pepsi tasted fishy...

  3. that picture in the link nearly made me gag. i ate a frog leg that had been soaked in formaldehyde in my biology class in high school. i don't really have a soft stomach, but that picture was gross.