Friday, October 16, 2009

With friends like these

Today’s post is short and sweet and nothing more than wishing everyone a happy fall weekend. Weather is decent here in the 801, so get out and enjoy it. It’s not really ‘cross weather, but I’m sure those heading up to Heber will have fun anyway.

I’ll try, but my hopes of putting together a Saturday morning AF ride aren’t going that great. Best excuse not to go so far: “I’ll be cleaning the garage.” Thanks, Eber.

Road riding is obviously back on the agenda. I tried riding the MTB last night with Alex and his crew. Fun times, but even the “smooth” trails of Round Valley don’t feel so smooth with a 3.5” gash.

I forwarded the wound photos to my friend Tommy, an ER doc back in Boise. His response:

I hope they took good care of you.  I would have thrown a few staples in your sorry bacon just to make the scar a little more impressive when it healed (better material for your next blog).

Truth be told, I’d rather have had Tommy do staples than the blue stitches for two reasons: 1) scars are cool; 2) last time I took my kid to Tommy’s ER, I never got a bill.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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