Monday, March 22, 2010

Finding my race legs

Saturday was my first race of the season. It almost didn’t happen. Twice. Once because Dug tried to convince me to ski the Coalpit Headwall, which in hindsight I would not have regretted. At all. And once because I tore my tire open riding out to the racecourse. But I booted the tire and had Rachel meet me at RMR with my other wheels.

When I race the practice crits at RMR, I have three objectives. In order of priority they are:

  1. Don’t crash
  2. Get a race-intensity workout
  3. Get a good result, either for myself or by helping a teammate

In those terms, the event was a success. Despite two crashes right in front of me in the final corner, I managed to stay upright. Steve, teammate Will, and I got on the front to drive the pace for two of the last three laps, so we got our intensity. Even though we should have got on the front later in the race to provide a solid leadout, Mike H. still managed to finish second, so we got a good result as a team.

(Photo credit: Cathy Fegan-Kim)

The Revolution/Cafe Rio team has good numbers in the B flight, and we have some strong motors. If we can get our tactics dialed, I think we’ll have some successful races.

My first real race of the season is this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed that skiing has provided sufficient winter training.


  1. Those are sensible and positive goals.

    After seeing the photos and video, I would have chosen Coal Pits, and I'm a crap skier.

  2. Kris, after seeing the photos and video, so would I. However, the photos and video weren't available BEFORE we left, so I had to decide. I chose poorly. Not so poorly that I hate myself, because Coalpit isn't going anywhere.

  3. "because Coalpit isn't going anywhere."

    yes it is. it's spring now. it's going somewhere fast.

  4. The RMR isn't going anywhere either, which is a damn shame....

  5. I think you chose wisely. Crits are fun (unless you crash). Some (Stupidbike I'm looking at you) will never understand, but I do.

    You doing all the stages this weekend? I am kind of tempted by the road race.

  6. as long as you are on your bike or skis, you can't go wrong. Sounds like a good race.

  7. SBJ - didn't mean to rub it in, I was simply stating that the ski looked exceptional.

    Rick is the wise voice - it's all good.