Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bring two racers, race for free

Tonight may be the last of the Spin Cycle race series at Miller Motorsports Park due to waning daylight. To try and maximize the field size, they’re offering a bring two racers, race for free promotion. Anyone who has done any of the races in the series that brings two racers new to the series gets his or her entry fee waived.

I’m racing no matter what. If you haven’t tried it and want to, leave a comment and let me know. If I get two new people and a free entry, I’ll kick back part of it to you. I know several others who will be out there racing tonight, so I can probably hook up as many new racers as are interested with a similar deal.

If you haven’t raced out there, it’s a ton of fun. The track is wide and super smooth. You can pedal through all the corners, so speeds are really high. If you’ve wanted to try crit racing but have been scared off by dicey corners, this is the perfect venue to give it a go. If you’re training for cross season and need to get some intensity, you’ll get your intensity. Races are also USAC sanctioned, so if you’re looking for upgrade points, those are on the line as well.

There will be four flights of races: Men’s A, B, and C, and women. There’s also a free kids race, so plenty of fun for the whole family. Awards are on the line every race with payout five deep plus a prime lap in every field. I’ve come away with some good schwag almost every time I’ve raced out there. Come give it a try—the track is only about 40 minutes from downtown SLC.


  1. Adam, if we convinced them to put up some barriers on the track, would it be enough to get you to race?

  2. Speaking of... the CX clinic was good. Lots of fun, but very helpful.

    Did you find 2 guys?