Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The difference between boys and girls

Boys believe that the world is their urinal. They will pee anywhere any time the need, nay opportunity, arises. Privacy and discretion are afterthoughts, if considered at all.

Girls will hold it to the point of getting a kidney infection unless they can utilize an acceptable facility, which almost always means a spotless, shiny piece of porcelain in their own home and that smells strongly of recently applied disinfectant.

Lest you think this is a nature versus nurture argument, bear in mind that I’m using my two youngest children as case studies. Two children who have slept in the same bedroom, bathed in the same tub, and eaten at the same table most of their lives.

While hiking yesterday, my son had to be told three different times to move further still off of the trail before relieving himself. My daughter was asked three different times if she needed to go, answered “no” each time, and then peed her pants.

Aside from the pants peeing incident, it was mostly a good weekend.

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  1. after standing around and waiting in line for 2 hours to ride the coaster at PC resort, my 5 year decided half way up the 4 minute ascent that she needed to go to the bathroom and couldn't hold it. That's what they do.