Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakfast with Ingrid

Skiing this morning sucked. I wish I’d stayed in bed. Mike M., Jon S., and Aaron were lamenting their choice as well, wishing they, like Adam, had had headaches and chosen not to come.




Rick isn’t in any of the photos. He climbed up with us but just did one lap. Said something about having breakfast with Ingrid. Which was unfortunate, because he missed seeing Mike skid his Megawatts halfway across highway 210.

Unless you really were having breakfast with Ingrid, you should have been skiing. But you already knew that. Sorry about the headache, Adam.


  1. My breakfast was a 44oz Diet Coke and a muffin at a gas station.

    The real reason I bailed early- I was using my Verdict skins on my Megawatt skis. Kind of like using dental floss. No traction. Breaking my own trail when there was a perfectly placed skin track 2 ft to my left was agonizing.

    But my one lap was glorious.

  2. ...and yes. I was rocking my ipod.

  3. The real question, Rick, is did you skid your Megawatts halfway across Highway 210?

    As for the skins, I wonder what's on your Christmas wish list this year?

  4. The headache is still pounding. But nevertheless, I chose poorly.

  5. Adam, the only thing more miserable than being sick is being sick and knowing that because of it you missed out on something really cool. I feel for you. Get better.