Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Suspension of disbelief

How many men do you know with gray eyes? I can’t think of any. Yet I don’t even know how many novels I’ve read where the action-hero-type protagonist has gray eyes.

And who does this gray-eyed hero fall in love with? A violet-eyed woman. Do you know any women with purple eyes? Didn’t think so.

Gray-eyed men and violet-eyed women are the unicorns of adult literature.

Wanna know what else would require a suspension of disbelief if I hadn’t experienced it myself? It’s November 10th, and I’ve skied three days this season already. Not just getting out on snow for the sake of getting out, either, but real, legitimate powder turns.

Yesterday after work, the Flyin’ Ute and I did a quick run up East Greeley just before the sun set. His first tour ever.

I think he’s hooked.


  1. Stupid meeting! Next time Im canceling. Looks like a very good early November day!

  2. My brother has gray eyes. Lete know if you want to meet him.

  3. Looks like some good turns. I still remember my earliest season boarding day ever at Brighton October 12, 1993 on the lift. Hopefully the snow stays good for you all season. Maybe some year I will join you if I every buy some backcounty gear and a split board.