Friday, March 4, 2011

Hand soap

So the new job is good, but it keeps me busy. Which, until I come up to speed at least, means the blog isn't getting much attention.

One thing about the new job is worth mentioning: the hand soap in the restrooms. Now in general, I'm not complaining about the restrooms. The light isn't on a timer, so if your business takes longer than anticipated, you won't get caught in the dark. Or at least if the light is on a timer, there is enough traffic that the risk of it going out isn't high. There is also a locker room with a shower, so I don't have to ride dirty the rest of the day if I ski or ride my bike. But the hand soap is another matter.

Liquid hand soap is of just the right viscosity and opacity that coloring it white should be an obviously bad decision to anyone who has ever been a teenage boy that has ever taken a shower. But really, is yellow an improvement? Every time I wash my hands, I struggle to believe that it is.


  1. I say clear is the right choice. We had orange liquid soap here and there were always orange stains on the white sink.

  2. The soap dispensers in the showers also use the same soap. I'm pretty sure that the reason the water in the showers is kept so cool is to keep anyone from getting bad ideas once they use the soap.

  3. If you had not known Dug, would you have still have the same bathroom critical thinking skills?