Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Me (to Dug): I'm riding at lunch. Mellow pace. You should come.

Dug: Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) I have a team Cinco de Mayo celebration today.

Me: I've now heard it all. The company that imports Corona makes up a holiday to sell more beer. And you can't come so you can celebrate said made up holiday with a bunch of people who don't even drink beer. Wow.

Dug: They're watching The Three Amigos. I love Three Amigos.

Me: Oh well why didn't you say so. Sure for Three Amigos. I mean, had you said "Can't. Watching Three Amigos," I would've understood.

Dug: Glad I said it then.


  1. Wait....Is this is the same Mark who left a nasty comment on my blog about not including him on the lunch ride invite? WTF. "I hope it wasn't intentional"

  2. i'm just glad you told the world that you only invite me on mellow days.

    happy corona day.

  3. Rick: One minor difference--I posted this in advance of the ride, not after the fact. Plus I thought it was now a standing meeting, shooting range at 11:30.

  4. SBJ- no offense but if you want me to check your blog for a ride invite, I'm going to miss out a lot of the time.

    And yes, it is a standing meeting at 11:30. But you still sent out an IM right? so.......just saying.

  5. No, I don't expect people to check the blog. But IM? Dug is the only one that sends me IM. And he doesn't seem to be a cyclist anymore.