Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doing it wrong

Last summer I went to the dentist more often than I rode my mountain bike in Corner Canyon. Which is not to say I didn't ride. I was just too busy riding my road bike to get on my mountain bike. Clearly I was doing it wrong.

Sunday afternoon, I rolled out of my driveway about noon and was on dirt within five minutes. I dropped down the freeride trail (for which a 29er hardtail is particularly ill-suited), over to the Shoreline, up to the tunnel under the highway (that will open up miles of new trail later this summer), back down to the Shoreline, up Clarks, down Rush, up Ghost, down Ghost, up Canyon Hollow then Brocks then Jeep road back to the neighborhood, with the last five minutes to my house on pavement.

Ride time was 2:05 door-to-door with zero driving to the trailhead or time spent loading bikes onto racks. I was reminded why I bought a house in my neighborhood in the first place. Just because I race on the road doesn't mean I have to train on the road, right?

Even if I'm wrong, don't tell me.


  1. My home is also minutes from good dirt. It's a beautiful thing.

    Was the DH trail dry? I want to do the big loop like you did.

  2. You ain't wrong, brother. Can't go wrong with the dirt. Certainly better than the dentist.