Monday, May 23, 2011

More guilty pleasures

I started on a post today that either needs a lot more work or to be thrown away. It's bound to draw out some opinions; I'm tempted to keep working on it for that reason alone. I just want to make sure I get it right, so instead I'm going to talk about more guilty pleasures:

  • Lady Gaga - just downloaded the new album today (thanks to Amazon - 99 cents!). Love it. Never thought I'd be this into a pop diva, but I am.
  • PBR - when I mentioned this one to a friend, he responded "Swiss chocolate is nice, but so is a Twix bar." Pretty much sums it up.
  • Training on tubulars - I had a flat tire in the masters race at Sugarhouse on Saturday, so I borrowed my brother's spare (clincher) for the P/1/2 race. I apologized when I saw him Sunday afternoon for not getting it back sooner. "That's OK," he said, "gave me a good excuse to ride on my tubulars today." I feel the same way. The ride is so, so nice. I don't even care if it's placebo effect. I like it.
  • Cup-o-Noodles - the vending machines at work have spicy Cup-o-Noodles for $1.00. I've indulged only a couple times because it's got like three days worth of sodium in it. Not worth getting fat over, but kind of tasty once in a great while.
  • Olive oil - alright, I won't even pretend to feel guilty about this one, but it's still worth mentioning. Some friends just returned from Italy and brought some olive oil and 18 year old balsamic vinegar with them. Unlike the previous item, this is worth getting fat over.
These are some of mine. What are yours?


  1. Love GaGa. Love the new album too. I once had a dream that involved Mark Knopfler and Lada GaGa. That was a guilty pleasure.

  2. Fine, I'll admit it. I can't help but love this video of the Osmonds: