Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frosting on top

It’s finally on. Jon S. and I met up this morning for a little tour in Big Cottonwood. Meanwhile, Rick, Jon J., and Rob were in Little Cottonwood putting the first tracks of the year on Flagstaff. Rick summed it up as follows: “I won’t go into details other than to say today was really, really good.”

Rob elaborated: “Second.”

Jon J. further elaborated: "Amen."

Big Cottonwood was no different. Yet again, we got to the top just in time to see this:

I commented to Jon that it was worth hiking up just to see the sunrise. He agreed and added “that we get to ski down is like frosting on top.” Especially when you consider that looking the other way we saw this:

And this:

No wonder Jon’s smiling. The smiles only got bigger as he descended.

Towards the bottom, the coverage was a bit thin. Either that, or the undergrowth was a bit thick.

But the views remained nice.

And the smiles didn’t go away.

How can you not love the Wasatch?


  1. So... you do this AND make it to work? That's spectacular.

  2. I pulled into the parking lot at 9:10 this morning and got off the elevator right behind my boss.

  3. What do you lazy two-plankers do with those ski posts you carry around with you?

  4. Awesome pics. My jealousy is complete.

    Where was Dug? Snooze button?

  5. Aaron and I got our feet wet this morning in the UC. it felt REALLY good to get out there. And the skiing wasn't bad either.

  6. Jesus H, you make me feel like a lazy bastard. Do you ever sleep in and do nothing!