Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is my gym

All across the country this morning the fit and active labored away in spin classes and on treadmills. Many gallons of sweat dripped onto elliptical machines that simulate cross country skiing.

I went to the gym this morning as well. Mine has no membership fees or instructors. You can’t even watch TV. You get views like this instead.

It hasn’t snowed in nearly a week, so all we were hoping to get out of the morning was a workout. Towards the top it was a little windpacked and crusted. But about 1/3 of the way down, we were pleasantly surprised with creamy soft snow and wonderful turns all the way to the car. I love winter.


  1. hasn't snowed in nearly a week?

    dude, it snowed sunday like 20 inches, and monday like 6 more.

    today is thursday.

  2. Dug, regardless, on a south-facing slope finding powder the day after a storm is a pleasant surprise. But I can empathize with your sour grapes. You'll come next time, I'm sure.

  3. My gym is the kitchen. Is it possible to burn a lot of calories and gain muscle mass standing for a long time, mostly in one place, dipping chocolates?

  4. how dare you call my disgruntlement sour grapes?

    i don't have sour grapes. i have disgruntlement.

  5. No instuctors? Seems to me there are LOTS of instructors. Many of them are human and the rest lurk around the corners of the gym...

  6. And no major snow forcast for another week or so...

    Dug, the well known cure for disgruntlement is to get out of bed at 4:30 and then hike up a snowy mountain in the dark.


  7. I was on my spinbike at 5am. Watching Star Trek on my laptop. In my garage.

    You win.