Tuesday, December 29, 2009


In case you hadn’t heard, Jon Gosselin’s upper West side apartment was burglarized and ransacked over the holidays. Yeah, that sucks, even for a media whore like Jon.

What sucks even more, though, is his reaction. According to his lawyer, “Jon feels like he was raped…”

Seriously? This is the guy whose only claim to fame is having TV cameras follow him and his wife and eight kids around so a cable network can broadcast what they do in their pajamas. The details of cosmetic surgery, employment contract, divorce proceedings, and extramarital affairs have been all over the tabloids. Privacy is an abstract and unknowable concept for this guy.

Yet now he feels violated because someone went in his house and took his coffeemaker? C’mon, Jon. You can’t rape the willing. That analogy is offensive and degrading to actual victims of sex crimes. The pretended outrage and apparent attempt to generate publicity for yourself is as obviously fake as your hairline.

Anyone else smell another balloon boy incident brewing?


  1. Blackdog, I agree. People quit paying attention to him so he had to do something. He's already had an affair, he's already divorced. Let's see--what's left? Oh, I know--crime victim!

    He probably didn't do anything besides tell the maid not to come over Christmas. Because, you know, most guys in their 30s who have 8 kids can afford a maid.

  2. I take issue with people throwing out superlatives to describe their situation. Would you care for another example to add to your thievery as rape scenario? (Like I'm going to wait for you to answer.)

    How about everyone comparing this recession thing to the "great" depression. That one gets my goat and offends me considerably. Mostly because I grew up during the depression.