Thursday, February 4, 2010

Double dip

One of the ways journalists like to describe the easy mountain access in the Wasatch is to mention that you can go skiing in the morning and go on a bike ride (or play golf, if that’s your thing) in the afternoon. And sure, it’s possible, but hard to pull off if you have a job. Not to mention it seems kind of cheesy.

I’m pretty sure I’d never actually done this. I may have done a variation when I was in high school, when a friend and I hiked for some post-season turns at Alta, then went waterskiing in the afternoon. Except I don’t remember if it was actually that afternoon or the next day.

The thought has crossed my mind to get on the bike after returning from skiing to warm valley temperatures and sunny skies, but I never thought it would be something I’d do in February. Until today.

A few of us made a quick lap in Butler Fork this morning. Snow was surprisingly light considering how warm it was. We only did one lap, were done by eight, and to work by 8:30. Which meant, if stars aligned, I could meet Daren at the new Specialized warehouse for their lunch ride and open house. Which is what I did.

The ride was nice. Temps were in the 40’s, so I stayed warm with tights, vest, and arm warmers. The group was a mixed bag. Some were Specialized groupies (I’m not aware of any other bike maker that has groupies the way Specialized does—their products are nice and all, but the devotion is kind of creepy). Some were actually kind of scary to ride with because of their lack of group riding skills. Others were Specialized employees, like Ned Overend. Whom Daren is on a first name basis with, I found out when he introduced us.

Oh, and the new warehouse? It’s huge. They don’t seem to be hurting one bit for not having Tom Boonen fly the flag for the big red S anymore. They wouldn’t name a number, but described the quantity of bicycles there as being in the tens of thousands.

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