Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Neff’s Canyon

OK, I’m behind. Did you know I have a job and a family and would rather do the stuff I write about than write about it? Just checking. Apologies if you missed me the last few days. No blog lasts forever, but I think this one will gain new legs if either a) the snowpack improves or b) cycling season starts again. One of those is inevitable.

Anyway, a week ago Saturday, Jon S., Mike H., Tim, Daren, Tanner, and I had a nice tour in Neff’s. Here’s what we saw and did.

The Samurai and his crew have skied this. We just looked at it.

Then walked away.



  1. Nice photos, looks like good times.

  2. Those are amazing pictures. I admire your courage.

  3. The rime crust on those branches are pretty indicative of the dragons below the snow surface. Good stuff. I'd like to get into that area some time.