Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dug accused me of thanked me for “shaming” him into going skiing this morning. The following is a transcript of our IM conversation yesterday.

mark: wanna go up BCC tomorrow?

dug: i do want to. i'll work toward that

mark: 5:35 at park n ride.

dug: you know, i think mill d is just gonna be tracked and bumped out. i'll just get on the trainer. if i had 4 hours to go somewhere interesting, i'd get up.

mark: what?

dug: what what?

mark: i don't believe what I'm reading. 12" of fresh yesterday and you're saying you're going to get on the trainer?

dug: no way there will be that kind of snow up mill d.

mark: brighton/solitude had storm totals of 18".

dug: keep talking.

mark: there'll be close to that up there.

dug: i'm listening.

mark: and there's lots of acreage and not enough heathens in this valley to track it out in one sunday.

you might have to cross someone's tracks, but it'll be a far cry from bumped out.

dug: we could peek over that low angle north westerly bowl on the other side of the ridge too i guess.

mark: yes we could. when we were making laps up there a couple saturdays ago, there were dozens of people in that one spot, and we still were finding clean lines top to bottom.

dug: almost thou persuadeth me to be a christian.

mark: well i'll be there at 5:35. If I see you, I see you. If I don't, I don't.

I’ll let dug speak for himself as to whether or not finding ankle deep powder two days after a storm was worthwhile, but the views were sure nice.


  1. Naming and Shaming. That is what we do where I work.

  2. Mark- next time just tell Dug you are packing licorice bites. He'll be there.

  3. I prefer to call it "encouraging" instead of "shame".

    Nice photo. The days are getting longer - yeah!

  4. i didn't accuse. i THANKED you.


  5. You know the south faces have alot less avi danger. I know they can have some sun crust on them, but with these smaller storms softening up the top layer you should consider branching out on these slopes during these high avi days. Just a suggestion. You can ski some steeper terrain that way.

  6. Forrest: good suggestion, one we've actually been following. We got on south-facing Flagstaff last week, and it was nice to pretend like we've actually been skiing steep terrain this year.