Thursday, September 3, 2009

More than a meal

If Rachel says we’re having soup for dinner, I’m not particularly excited. My typical response is “and what else?” Soup can be the first course of a meal, but not a meal in and of itself.

Ironically, two of my favorite dishes, phở and pozole, are both soups, and in both cases, exceptions to the “soup is not a meal” rule. Pozole, especially, is more than a meal.

Chicken soup has been ascribed medicinal properties for centuries. Modern research validates the folk wisdom that chicken soup does indeed alleviate the symptoms of illness. But if chicken soup is good, pozole is better.

Just as has happened the last two years, I’ve come down with a cold right before Lotoja. My loving wife, knowing I’d turn up my nose at chicken soup, went straight for the good stuff and made a big pot of pozole on Tuesday night. It’s more or less all I’ve eaten the last two days. Tuesday night was when symptoms were worst, and two bowls of pozole had me feeling infinitely better, to the point I was actually able to sleep that night.

I’d wager Miracle Max has a pot of pozole on his stove at all times.

P.S. I pledge never to vote for a candidate who is a member of or supports the Eagle Forum.


  1. "P.S. I pledge never to vote for a candidate who is a member of or supports the Eagle Forum."

    amen brother. be the change.

  2. That pozole looks good - real good.

    The Eagle Forum seems too extreme and I don't believe I've ever agreed with any of their positions.

    The video seems pretty harmless. But if I were a principal I wouldn't have shown it, but not because it was "liberal". The messages are nice, but I have a problem with celebrity and don't see how this video is educational. (I laughed when Ashton Kucher, the face of Punked, said he wants to be a good representative of our country.) Just send a note to parents suggesting they may want to watch the video with their kids at home - case closed.

    On the other hand, issues like this are often good opportunities for discussion with your kids. And in that sense that's a valid role for schools, but risky.

  3. "I pledge to find the humor in everything."

    Yes. Me too. Like when morally bankrupt celebrities get together and lecture us all on how to live moral and just lives. Of course, "moral" is relative to whatever cause those celebrities are embracing today.

    As far as showing the video in schools: I can see both points of view, but the problem I have, is that these are lessons that ought to be coming from parents. Certainly there are social lessons to be learned in school, but the problem with these pretty faces and their insufferable sanctimony is that for them, making these little PSA's is as far as they go.

    I'd rather see kids being encouraged to succeed based on their intellect and self determination than being lectured by Hollywood stars who have little to know foundation in reality.

    But next time I will tell you how I really feel.

  4. Funny how a post about some really terrific soup has been sidetracked by a tangential reference to politics.

    Adam, I agree 100% that this is stuff parents should be teaching. That being said, I don't see any harm in schools reinforcing that message or making it in the first place for parents that are derelict in their duties.

    The thing I find remarkable (aside from everyone ignoring the really terrific soup) is that anyone would find the message objectionable. Seems like take it or leave it advice to me. I've heard far more controversial stuff at church, the same one these Eagle Forum nutjobs attend no less.

    As for the hollow promises of a bunch of morally bankrupt celebrities? Well it's better than doing nothing. I guess.

    I'm going to stop flushing after a "single" and see how that one goes over on the homefront.

  5. Well, you did entitle the post "more than a meal".

    By the way, if you stop flushing after a single, I'll just think it was your son.

  6. That soup DOES look good. But talking about soup is less stimulating than talking about pseudo-political activism in our schools :D

    But feel free to send me your wife's recipe. I have a feeling I will need it next week, after the PCPP.

  7. Interesting to combine food and politics. And here I thought they never mixed or went well together. I am not a big fan of the video but only because its kind of cheesy. It reminds me more of those spots on TV that end with "The more you know". But I am not a teacher so what do I know.

    Really, my only comment is what is up with politics on the Utah cycling blogs? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Oh, and thanks for idea on pozole. It looks quite tasty and will be on my menu shortly!

    mtb w

  8. Walter, Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. I think Dug started it and the rest of us were too disgusted to let it go. The video is trivial and not a big deal. The (over)reaction by the Eagle Forum is the appalling part. Were this not all too common in these parts, it would not have even made the news.

    As for the important part, the pozole recipe, it will be postedhere tomorrow.

  9. Love the Penn video. If someone wants to be a "servant" to a government leader, I'm sure places like North Korea and Cuba have lots of opportunities.

  10. Hey I'll comment about the soup- I LOVE pozole! Post the recipe, Rachel!

    I love Pozole so much, me and my godless liberal friends are going to make a youtube video encouraging kids to eat it. No, technically I'm not a celebrity, but I did sit next to Marie Osmond on a plane once.