Friday, September 25, 2009

Unfinished business

As you’re probably aware, despite riding something like 8,000 miles in training, my dad got sick and cramped up during Lotoja this year. That didn’t sit well with Steve or me, so Steve suggested we offer my dad a Mulligan and go back and ride from Logan to Jackson—unofficially—with him.

Since he made it to Montpelier in the first attempt, my dad decided he’d like to start from there and ride the rest of the way in just so he could finish the course. So on Monday, that’s what we’ll be doing. We’re staying in Montpelier Sunday night and plan on rolling out Monday around 7:00 or so, as soon as it’s light enough to ride. If you want to join us, the more the merrier.

In other news, Steve and I will be racing the Harvest Moon Criterium tomorrow. Last road race of the season, and despite what I said after Sanpete, I’ll be glad to be done. A season worth of fatigue has caught up with me, and I can tell I’ve passed my peak fitness for the year. I’m looking forward to leisurely, cool weather mountain bike rides, hikes, or just sitting in a chair and relaxing if I don’t feel like squeezing a ride in.

Fall Moab is coming up, and after that (and possibly before) the snow will be flying and the “A” season will begin. Lots to look forward to—I can hardly wait.


  1. Nice racing with you today.

    You crushed it in the 35B and I don't blame you one bit for being satisfied with that effort.

    The 35As put the hurt on me, but after being pulled and then flatting in the first two races, I was happy they let me dangle for all 40 minutes in the 35A race.

    7th, even two laps down, was a moral victory for me

  2. Jared, way to stick with it out there. I watched with admiration as you were grinding away for the full 40. My tank was empty, so I pulled the plug as soon as that initial gap opened and I knew I couldn't chase back on.

  3. my tank was empty too. But the disatisfaction of the first two races left me fairly determined to finish.

    I'm still too timid and not aggressive enough to be successful in crits. but the skills are getting better slowly. Once I make up my mind to ignore the pain required to stay in the main pack and stay up front in the main pack, I'll be much better off

  4. I respectfully disagree about what constitutes he "A" season, but I must admit you guys had a lot of fun skiing last year.

    I hope the ride with dad went well. How was it riding injured?