Thursday, July 8, 2010

On wins and weakness

  • Just like white shoes and yellow jerseys(never wear a yellow jersey, unless it’s as race leader, even if you are fast), if you’re going to wear a plaid skinsuit, you better come in first or last. Steve now has two wins in two races wearing the plaid skinsuit at DMV. Mike H. has also done pretty well in plaid. I need to get me one of those.
  • My teammate Rob B. is quiet but fast. He shows up, races, says thanks when you congratulate him, and that’s about it. With no teammates to help him, Rob took the win in B Flight at RMR Tuesday night. He’s had a lot of good results, but I think it’s his first win of the season. Nice work, Rob.
  • Rick had big plans for an epic MTB ride yesterday that didn’t end quite how he wanted. Heal quickly, Rick.
  • Today’s win notwithstanding, the HTC-Columbia leadout train is a shadow of its former self without Big George Hincapie driving it for the final kilometer. When that guy got on the front, nobody came around. Garmin-Transitions looked like they had the train today, but I think Farrar is lacking some pop what with racing on a cracked elbow and all. I’m still pulling for Tyler to notch a stage win and don’t know how he managed to race on the cobbles with that injury.
  • Speaking of cobbles, Chris Horner said that “cobblestones just do not belong in the Tour de France.” His reasoning? Cobblestones “result in less excitement in the long run when we reach the mountains because big name riders have either crashed out or have lost so much time from a crash that they no longer have a chance to win the Tour.” Well who says the race has to be decided in the mountains? Cobbles are part of France and the country’s culture of bicycle racing. Why not include them? Why not balance the parcours so a guy like Cancellara has a legitimate shot in the GC? Just because they don’t suit you or your team doesn’t mean they don’t belong. You don’t see Hushovd whining because there are mountains. It’s a bike race. HTFU and race.
  • What’s with Cavendish sitting up after Petacchi got around him in stage 4? I can see not burning the matches because you’re not going to win. Trust me, I get that. But if you’ve talked as much as Cavendish has about winning the green jersey for the most consistent rider, why not keep going and try to be consistent. Hushovd won green last year with one stage win. He’ll probably do the same this year by consistently placing near the top because he keeps racing until the end.
  • I realize dishing on pro bike racers is pretty weak. But these guys get paid to race, and I want a show. What’s far and away weaker than a professional sitting up or whining about the course is the mamby-pamby jack-wagon who decided to vandalize my son’s bike last night. My son is 5. That bike is his pride and joy. For one night, he forgets to put it away, and the teenagers who hang out at the park decide that destroying it is their idea of fun. We’ll see how much fun they have hanging out there the rest of the summer what with the nasty, vindictive lunatic that’s just gone off his meds living next door.


  1. I have a bike for your son. It is probably too big for him right now but it may fit. The best part is that it is bullet proof and he can have some fun hopping around on it as he gets older.

  2. Thats BS what they did to your kids bike. They have no idea what is waiting for them.

  3. Two things: Karma rules the universe and that's how you spell Pitackee?