Friday, July 2, 2010

Something’s brewing

I don’t normally post twice in a day, but this article from Greg Lemond is worth reading in its entirety. Hang on for the last paragraph, though—it’s a zinger. There’s a lot of buzz that the Wall Street Journal is going to drop a big bomb on Le Tour’s opening day tomorrow. Can’t wait.

And if you're a game theory nerd like me, here's the answer to the question "why now?" with regard to Floyd coming clean.


  1. oh goodie goodie gum drops, i particularly like Lemond's, cycling is getting ready to change for the better.......

  2. Just found your blog by searching for the Style Man quote on bike colors (a classic). As a cyclist, a casual cycle-racing follower, and an avid Arsenal fan, I look forward to reading it regularly.

    On the point of your post, though Lance is almost certainly doping, given how normalized that has become, isn't he still among the fastest of the 200 or so doping cyclists that race the Tour de France? Still impressive... (sorry he blocked you)

  3. Angus: welcome. Happy to have another Gunners fan reading. As for Lance's performances, yes they are amazing. Beating a doped Ulrich is amazing. Doing it clean is impossible. Doped or not, it was a spectacle watching him win 7 times at Le Tour, and I was cheering as loud as anyone else.

    The part I take issue with is that he is so adamant about having done so clean. Dave Z and Hincapie and Leipheimer have been curiously and respectfully quiet in light of the Landis allegations. Which is the right approach, in my opinion. Don't hold yourself out as a clean racer and attack those who implicate you for doping if you are not, in fact, clean.

  4. It is fun to watch either way. Doped or un doped. Which is the problem. If it were no fun to watch doped riders it would all go away. They are all doped. It is just new and unregulated dope. We will find out what it is in a couple of years.