Thursday, July 1, 2010


I pulled a post. It was an attempt at humor that may have gone too far. And while I'm sure it would have enhanced my reputation as a blogger, it may not have enhanced my reputation in other aspects of my life. I know I advocate owning what you say and I'm not. Sorry.

It's back up. Because something's brewing. And being on record with my position about the guy is more important than any consequences.


  1. Glad I read it before you pulled it. Thought it was great, and that I'd comment later, now wish I hadn't waited.

    I pulled a post once, almost a year ago. Thought it was a good one, but had some critical commentary about some neighbors, which lead to friction on the home front.

    Happy ending: neighbors moved. I put the post back up. New neighbors are great. (Now if I can just get the crabby old lady next door who's always yelling at my kids to move to a retirement home already...)

  2. I hope my comment didn't encourage you to remove the post. It was a very entertaining post and I was looking forward to reading more comments.

  3. I thought it was funny, but in a way that screamed "This is all TRUE". Maybe not the part about him singling you out and blocking you, but the "Jerk" part and the "Tweeting flippin' everything" parts. Way true.

    BTW - it's still up on google reader if people subscribe to your stuff.

    Have a great day.

  4. Bummer. I read it last night and was going to comment something along the lines of:

    "Rabid likes this."

    Now I wish I had 'cause I would have loved to see the comments. Can I see the comments? I have a strong attraction to blogger drama, mostly because it's not real drama. And being as I'm totally engulfed in real drama right now, blogger drama is a great distraction.

    It was a great post, by the way. Very funny. I especially liked the ending smart ass paragraph.

  5. I read this thing Religiously. In fact it is my only form of religion. Somehow it missed it. See what I get for riding my bike and hanging out with my kids.

  6. This was the big post you censored!? WTF? Give me a break. You freakin ninny! All you did was profile your pathetic pestering of a celebrity. Wow, that never happens in America! How daring and bold you are, especially to put it back up! Is this really what makes you happy at night? Seriously? This is how you derive fulfillment in life? This is your great contribution to the world, heckling peope who don't give a crap about you from complete and utter anonymity so the 5 people you do know can sit around and snigger? Man up and see the hypocrisy. The complete, banal waste.

    T. S. Eliot said that every critic is a failed artist, and this blog blares washed-up male in mid-life denial. Here's some advice on how to improve your blogging: Contribute something significant that actually makes people think, instead of the pedestrian, middle school bilge that reeks all over this hack of a blog.