Monday, March 16, 2009

Bidding farewell

I’m guessing the number of powder days between now and the end of ski season can be counted on one hand. There’s enough daylight now that I can ride my bike after work, and it’s almost warm enough to ride with bare knees.

Rick, Jon, and Sam gave up on ski season for bikes a couple weeks ago. (Actually, Sam never even started ski season this year, but that’s beside the point.) Climbing 10,000 foot summits a few times a week means I’m starting cycling season with pretty good fitness. I don’t care. I don’t want to put my skis away.

I’ve actually been bummed enough by the changing season to wonder if I have some type of reverse seasonal affective disorder wherein I become depressed and gloomy when I can no longer hike up snowy mountains in darkness and zero degree temperatures.

Powder Magazine has sent its last issue until Fall. With no alternative, this morning I fished through the magazine stack to find the untouched issue of Bicycling that came several weeks ago. As if the end of winter weren’t bad enough, I discovered Style Man wrote his last column for Bicycling with the March issue.

I’m thinking of moving to a mountainous region in the Southern Hemisphere for the next six months. If that doesn’t work out, I’m at least going to cancel Bicycling and subscribe to VeloNews. Maybe VeloNews will fire Lennard Zinn and hire Style Man in his place.


  1. I don't currently subscribe to any cycling publications but if I did I'd pay a bit more for Road magazine. It's road-specific (go figure...) but in my opinion the best available by a big margin. Check it out.

    At one time I had a subscription to VeloNews but haven't renewed due to the nasty mail they sent when my term expired. Lots of "Your account is past due" garbage. How can it be past due when I haven't renewed? Lame. Eventually I had to email them to get it to stop.

  2. Soon we will be able to ride singletrack to more remote ski lines, ditch the bike, ski, return via bike. I have some planned for April.
    -Timp West face via great western trail
    -Timp North
    -Cascade via big springs trail
    -Provo peak via rock canyon
    the list goes on.... but yes, sadly the dawn patrol looses it's appeal.

  3. Bart that is awesome.

    I feel the same way. Having only just got my skis, I want to play on them more before they hang forlornly in the garage all summer. But hey, it's summer coming. And nothing beats a Wasatch summer.

    Except maybe a Wasatch winter.