Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extra time

When I moved to Boise five years ago, I was ecstatic to once again live near skiable mountains. The fact that season passes were $200 meant I went a lot. I loved it. Even though ski seasons typically only lasted from the end of December through March, I got a lot of days in.

Sure, the lifts might keep running into April, and of course backcountry turns could be had, but conditions were rarely worthwhile in the spring. I got used to skiing for three months and then calling it a season with perfect contentment.

My first ski day this season was November 7. I wanted to ski at least 30 days this year. Today was number 32. 19 have been powder days. Nineteen. I probably had 19 powder days in five years living in Boise. And that includes trips to Utah.

It’s not like we’re just skiing the same old stuff, either. Sure Days Fork has seen a lot of attention, and with its consistently good snow, why wouldn’t it? But we’ve also been on top of Lone Peak, Superior, and Box Elder. We’ve skied some sweet chutes, and if the spring tours come together, the tally for the season will be a list that’s on par with Andrew McLean’s ten in ten. OK, not really. And never mind that it took us all year rather than ten days to do it or that we are a bunch of beaters who know better than to shoot video of ourselves on technical lines. But it’s still been fun.

This morning as Rob, Dug, Adam, and I skied down the Meadow Chutes in one continuous face shot wherein I had to stop making turns just so I could plane out high enough to see where I was going, it just felt like a bonus. I’ve had goods aplenty, and here I was still getting more. Utah rules.

P.S. If you’re a football fan and want to see a goal that embodies composure and beauty, check out this video. Perfectly-placed volley off the outside of the left foot. Unreal.

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