Monday, March 30, 2009

Family dinner

One of the nice things about living on the Wasatch Front is getting together with family for dinner. And the nice thing about getting together with my family is that my sister reminds me of all the stuff I did as a kid but have since blocked out.

Most of last night’s conversation focused on the crap we did to my late grandmother. Like locking ourselves in the bathroom to avoid taking naps or the time when I was ten and dropped the F-bomb in the Chuck-a-Rama parking lot.

The best story from last night, though, came from my daughter. She’s really close to her cousin that’s a year younger. After my daughter was old enough to have “the talk,” she was playing with her cousin who hadn’t had “the talk” yet. The cousin suggested that they play a game wherein they pretended like they were going to get married (to imaginary suitors, not to each other).

“The talk” still fresh in her mind, my daughter was uneasy about this. “Do you know what you have to do when you get married?” She asked her cousin.


“Well, I’m only going to tell you two things about it.

“First, it’s disgusting.

“And second, it’s hilarious.”

I guess that about sums it up.


  1. And not necessarily in that order! *rim shot*

  2. LOL!

    I have been thinking about last night's dinner conversation all day!

    That was fun.I will keep thinking up more memories that you have blocked!

  3. That is too funny... That's our girl!