Friday, March 6, 2009

Random stuff

It’s Friday, so nobody’s reading to begin with, plus a big chunk of people who usually read this blog are on their way to St. George for the first I-cup race of the season (good luck!). So today’s post is a throwaway with just a few random things that could probably be worked into a complete post if I weren’t so lazy. At least one of them I’ll expound on later.

  • Random item #1 (because it’s most important): I’ll be raising money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation as part of my Lotoja race again this year. My fundraising page is up and running. I realize times are tough right now for a lot of folks, which makes donating that much more important. This is a great cause, and they need your help. 100% of your donation will go to fighting cancer, as the overhead is paid by Mr. Huntsman directly and not out of foundation funds. Click here to donate, or click the pink lemonade jersey at the upper right corner of my blog anytime. I’m going to put together some incentives soon, but don’t wait because they’ll be retroactive—if you’ve already donated enough to reach a threshold, you’ll get the rewards anyway.
  • Random item #2: I don’t drink coffee, but I love to smell it. Unfortunately, only 1 or 2 people in my office are coffee drinkers, and they usually walk across the street rather than brewing a pot in the break room. Today, however, was different. We have a client visiting on-site, so someone made coffee. I was going to pour some and take it back to my desk so I could sit and smell it for a while. But when I walked into the break room, it was gone—every bit taken into the conference room. Not sure my olfactory pleasure is worth interrupting the meeting, but maybe.
  • Random item #3: I see you. Or rather, ICU. Not Intensive Care Unit, though. Rather, the rearrangement of UCI (Union Cycliste Inernationale) that ESPN insists on using to make their reporting on a European sport more American. Stop it. It’s a Euro sport, and the only Americans that follow it are gay, have little lap dogs, and shave their legs. We know what UCI is, but calling it ICU is confusing. Especially since you don’t even need to translate the organization’s name to figure out what it is in English. When the headline “Schumacher gets ban from ICU” came up on my news feed, my first thought was that they were talking about Michael Schumacher and figured ICU was some governing body for auto racing. Which is all the more confusing because Michael Schumacher is retired. And while we’re at it, ESPN, within context at least you can call it football, not soccer. Because everyone knows that Arsenal and Real Madrid and Juventus are not part of the NFL. It’s the Americans that don’t seem to know what football is.

Now I feel better and can get on with my weekend. Before I do, however, I’m going to borrow the exit question concept from Adam. Exit question: what sort of incentives would motivate you to donate to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation? I already shave my legs—how about my head? What about shaving my beard down to just a handlebar mustache and wearing that for a week? Or more? Would delicious comestibles made by my dear wife convince you to give? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. i will donate if you streak through the quad. wooooooooh!