Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching up

Quick post today to catch you up on skiing adventures. On Saturday, Dug, Brad, Dustin, and I did some exploring up in the White Pine area of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Skiing wasn’t the point—looking around and exploring was, and in that regard we were rewarded, with some views of the Pfeifferhorn being the highlight.

On the way down, Dug went off the world’s smallest booter. When he landed, he kicked off the world’s smallest avalanche. Here’s the crownline, three inch maximum depth.

And here’s the debris pile. I think it may have been able to catch and carry a lap dog, but definitely not a person.

While worshiping at the church of the blue dome on Sunday, I took this short video of the rugrats. JunkieGirl has really improved her technique this year. I think getting her out of kid boots and into overlap boots (thanks, Dug!) was a big part of that.

I would have taken some photos this morning, except that Bart, Mike H., and the Samurai were setting the pace. Instead of twenty minutes at threshold, I had an hour. We got to the summit so fast that the sun wasn’t up yet, so it was too dark for pictures. Apparently it wasn’t too dark to ski, though, as everyone was dropping in in the pre-dawn half light. Because skiing tight trees isn’t exciting enough on its own, may as well do it without the benefit of daylight just to mix things up.

It’s nice to have a real storm come through. Hopefully we can get some consistent snowfall the rest of the season.


  1. Who knew there were trees on that slope during lap one?

    Lap 2 was good, except I had to follow Bart and the Samurai BACK up that hill one more time. When I got to the top they were passing the time by "practicing tricks". As I ripped skins, they each tried little 360s off the edge of the ridge.

    My legs are still hurting.

  2. Oh, and I guess its good Dug did not have an avalanche poodle. He may have lost him in that small slide.

  3. am i wearing oven mitts in that pic of me with the pfeifferhorn in the background?

  4. I was actually going to ask if you were wearing sweat pants.