Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I’m a mac

Early yesterday morning, I had a post mostly written about the awesome tour I did with Alex on Saturday. All I needed to do was add photos. Then yesterday afternoon my machine had to be restarted and the post (written on Windows Live Writer) was gone. That same restart cost me nearly an hour in lost work for my real job.

Office crashed last Thursday and very nearly cost me three hours of work. Instead I spent an hour trying to get it going again, which I was able to do but could never repeat if it happened again. Bear in mind that this machine is a developer workstation, so it’s supposed to be super-powerful and crash-resistant.

Wanna know how many times my macbook has crashed? None times, that’s how many. I hate you Windows.


  1. I work on Windows PCs and have them at home, but my next computer will be a Mac and I recommend Macs to those who ask me. The 2 guys on MacBooks in the office have had way fewer computer issues.

    I am the admin-by-default at our office and I hate Windows. In this day and age networking should be plug-and-play, but it's a royal pain in Windows. The registry is the stupidest move ever. ActiveX (thankful disappearing) was a bad idea and a huge security hole. At nearly every turn Microsoft chooses to go down the path of splashy promises of cool features while abandoning the well-worn path of how to make a good, solid OS.

    The marketers at Microsoft are brilliant - how else can you explain the massive sales of the steaming pile that is Windows?

  2. We have an IMac at home and over the past two years I don't think it has ever crashed. The occasional program, such as Firefox, will freeze up, but overall it has been trouble free.

    My new work PC was great for a few months, but it is slowly getting worse.

  3. My 1997 Mac clone still works fine, though it's not as fast as I'd like.

  4. I like mac also and currently own and have owned many of them, however my last imac's harddrive has crapped out numerous times. Maybe I have a melon, but its at the point where I am honestly considering buying a pc again. First time it crashed was 2 days past warranty too.

  5. My current Mac is 6 years old. It runs very well. Although it's getting a little sluggish when it comes to editing large photos and video. But 6 years...

    I've never owned a PC. I suppose it would be cheaper and easier to just gouge my eyes out with rusted nails than it would be to work with Windows.

  6. I have never owned a Mac and my computer crashes regularly. I would buy a mac but then what would I do with my free time?