Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Go Jazz

I used to be quite a fan of the Utah Jazz. So much so that we (I?) watched more than one televised Jazz game during our honeymoon (it happened to coincide with the Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals back when the Jazz were actually playing in the Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals).

Somewhere along the way I lost interest. I haven’t been to a live NBA game in about 15 years. I’ve not had more than a passing interest in basketball in at least 10.

Last night, however, a friend called and said he had two extra tickets to the game and wanted to know if JunkieBoy and I wanted to go with him and his son. Of course I accepted. Here are a few observations:

  • Deron Williams is one of the most impressive athletes I have every watched play. The game was a blowout. The Jazz were up by 20 with two minutes left in the third when Williams sat down. I assumed with that kind of lead that we wouldn’t see him again. The lead held while he was on the bench, but he came back out early in the fourth quarter anyway. He wasn’t just going through the motions, either, even though his opponents were at that point.
  • Carlos Boozer could be league MVP if he cared as much about winning as Williams.
  • The difference between strippers and the Jazz Dancers—at least some of whom are likely wholesome Mormon girls—is about 10 microns of nylon.
  • Company seats rule. The view from the seventh row is fantastic. I’m sure there were some real fans who were bitter to see two of them “wasted” by young boys who were more interested in ice cream and cotton candy than the action on the floor.
  • Sports have a way of uniting communities. I don’t know that I’d have had occasion to meet the guy sitting in front of me otherwise, but our intermittent discussion of the game had me feeling like we were friends by the time the game ended—to the point that he was high-fiving both my son and me when it was over.
  • Football is every bit as exciting to watch on TV as live. Basketball and Baseball are much more engaging live than on TV.
  • NBA players have way more tattoos now than they did 15 years ago.
  • I came away much more interested in the Jazz than I was going in. But it’s a long season. And football isn’t over yet. So I’ll wait until the playoffs before dedicating any passion to the cause.
  • Sporting events attended with my dad are some of my fondest memories from growing up. I need to make it a point to take JunkieBoy to ballgames on a regular basis. We both had a great time.


  1. I still cannot figure out how people watch baseball on TV. In the stands or not at all for me.

  2. I love baseball on TV (and live). I can't pretend to explain it, but I've always been a huge baseball fan. I played through HS, and now I continue to follow the game quite closely. It's a relaxing event, and yet also one of the more tense forms of sport.

    I don't remember who said it, but they described baseball as engaging because "every game was a crisis".

    I once had the opportunity to meet Jerry Sloan. I told him I'd be happy to play for the Jazz for half of whatever Williams was making. He said, without missing a beat, "we need shooting guards, not standing guards."

    I then replied that I'd "be happy to shoot the ball whenever I touched it."

    I'm still waiting for his call...